There is no particular rule or theme which unites selected designs, besides Ukrainian origin. There are all different types and styles of jewellery. Some of them are more architectural and complicated, some find their inspiration in national traditions and patterns.

The main idea behind Strong & Precious is to present the wide range of Ukrainian jewellery designers and introduce them to the industry professionals, media and public. This is an art project to present Ukraine as a country with strong jewellery potential.

We think it is crucial to allow Ukrainian jewellers to voice up now. The jewellery industry in Ukraine is still young and fresh. Some of the selected brands haven’t yet reached their full strength but already demonstrate an enormous potential.

The title Strong & Precious reflects current context, that unites all of them. There are a statement and significant jewellery pieces and strong characters.
Concept & idea
Olga Oleksenko | @olga.oleksenko_
Natalia Kietiene | @n.kietiene
Web design
Maria Machevariani | @wmdmaria
Sonya Dudnik | @sonya.dudnik
Iryna Vasylenko | @blooming.iva